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The Web 2.0 Link That Made Me Hate Clickbank

Aug 24, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Affiliate Marketing, Traffic  //  1 Comment

Week ago I started getting sales in a product I was promoting through clickbank.

What I first did after I built that site, I started building a mini net with links coming throughout the Web using web 2.0 properties.

After a week or so, I started getting sales from that site, so what I did was creating an Adwords campaign with the converting words. After 3 days of 1 sale each day, I started getting 4-5 sales a day for almost a week. I was so happy and felt like I am going to get rich out of it.

Suddenly, sales stopped totally, not even half of a sale…

I got upset, and decided I am going to check what the heck is going on… called clickbank, emailed the product vendor, posted on forums, but couldn’t get what’s wrong with these sales.i

CTR for the campaign was more than 10% on all keywords, Adwords conversion tool showed 8-10 conversions a day, but Clickbank sales were Zero, a big and ugly ZERO.

After 3-4 days of zero sales, I got thinking of solutions for this situation, but couldn’t make sense out of it. Until it popped up at me.

My sales didn’t come out of adwords. It came from some good link, that brought me these sales. This is it. So what I did was stopping the unsuccessful campaign and fixing it again using some other keywords. I have sales again and I am happy.

However, I wish I could figure out what was that successful SEO Link That got me all these sales.

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