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The Devious Affiliate Slayer Of 2009… Exposed!

Apr 30, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Affiliate Marketing  //  No Comments

pack 300x194 The Devious Affiliate Slayer Of 2009... Exposed!If you’ve never made a dime online this is for you, If you’re making some money online, this will force you into making a whole bunch more.

If you’re already earning a six figure income well – take it up a notch to a 7 or 8 figure one with the secrets in this system.

You may already have some of his unique money gathering info thanks to The Site Rush system and Affiliate Payload. Previous masterworks that netted him and his followers a tidy fortune.

See, with The Affiliate Funnel system you’re gonna realize there’s a whole world of potential out there besides the Land Of Google.

The Google Goggles will be lifted at last.

While everyone runs around obeying The Big G’s every whim, they haven’t noticed a seismic change in the Internet Marketing landscape.

To put it simply… there are now dozens of other ways to get hordes of traffic more easily than trying to out muscle swathes of competitors in Google.

You’ll be shown a complete system that utilizes traffic sources from every corner of the net and then funnels that traffic to scientifically exact pages.

You’ll be given those too.

It’s the ultimate blueprint for the new age of marketing.

Number #1 best Clickbank creator Saj P from products such at ‘Four Tier Annihilation’, ‘Affiliate Payload’ and ‘The Site Rush’ released his brand new product called ‘Affiliate Funnel System’ late in March (date will be revealed later).

Affiliate Funnel System is a product that looks, feels and delivers like its worth $997, but instead it sells for much lower, providing supreme value to customers.

The product is aimed at affiliates and Adwords\PPC users (two of the biggest hungriest crowds in IM), and it shows them underground techniques way beyond just PPC and linking to CB products + some other stuff that hasn’t been disclosed to me yet (working on acquiring that info as I write this).

The icing on the cake as I see it, is that not only will Saj give away elite underground theory and resources in the Affiliate Funnel system, he’ll also give us access to the 7 figure swipe files which have been responsible for bringing in Millions of dollars in real hard cash using this system.

You must check it out for yourself:

Affiliate Funnel system

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