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Why Linking To Sites With a High Page Rank Values and Low Outgoing Links Will Greatly Boost Your Site’s Page Rank Value And Increase The Targeted Traffic To Your Site?

Jun 2, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Traffic  //  No Comments

Increasing the amount of targeted traffic to your website is essential to Profiting online, as you’ll increase the amount of subscribers, and with good follow-up, the amount of sales you’ll receive.

There are many free and paid advertising methods that can help you increase the targeted traffic that comes to your site. One effective and free advertising method is linking to other Prominent websites, specifically those with high PageRank ratings.

PageRank (PR) ratings are what Google uses to determine the importance of a website in relation to the rest of the Internet. Those sites that have higher Page Rank rankings are those sites that have more links to other prominent websites with high Page Rank rankings. Google sees these sites as more important and more prominent because they are connected to sites with similar content and similar Page Rank values. As a result, Google sees them as being more informative for their search engine users, and as a general result, places them higher in their search engine rankings.

Consequently, if you can get linked to high Page Rank websites, your Page Rank ranking will go up, which will only help you to gain more targeted traffic, since you’ll rank more highly in Google’s search engine rankings.

You can use various tools online to determine a site’s Page ranking; the higher the Page ranking, the better the site is considered by Google and the more you should try to link with it.

One note about Page Rank: If that high Page Rank site has many outgoing links on its home page, you won’t get as high of a Page Rank boost as you might think, so try to go for high Page Rank sites that don’t have that many outgoing links on its home page for the most beneficial Page Rank boost to your own Page Rank ranking.

Leaving Links To Your Site On Other Marketers’ Sales Pages And Blogs Can Bring A Great Deal Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Jun 1, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Traffic  //  1 Comment

There are many paid and free advertising methods that will bring increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website. One good free way of boosting the amount of targeted traffic to your site is via leaving a link to your website on prominent website pages that are closely related to your industry or niche.

One method of utilizing this advertising tactic is to provide testimonials to other people’s products. If you purchased a product you liked, see if he/she would be willing to use your testimonial on his/her product’s sales page. Chances are, the marketer will be thrilled to include your testimonial and would be happy to include a link back to your website as compensation. Being that the marketer is in the same or closely-related industry as you are, it’s likely his/her website visitors will be interested in visiting your website, signing up to your list, and checking out your product offer.

Another good way of utilizing this advertising tactic is to comment on another marketer’s blog. If he/she is discussing a topic, you should reply back with your thoughts. You are able to provide a link back to your website. Presuming the marketer is in the same or a closely-related industry to yours, his blog visitors will likely be curious about you and want to check out your website, especially if you provided a well-thought out reply to the original marketer’s question or comment. Being that his/her website visitors are likely interested in similar product offers to what you are offering, there is a good chance with proper follow-up that they will purchase your product offer(s) as well.