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How Can You Make Money From An Email list?

Nov 26, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Email Marketing, List Building, Marketing  //  1 Comment

Many people do not have the awareness that there are ways to make money through opt-in
list marketing that offers more than your products and services.  You can start making
things work out every minute that passes.  There are ways which you can follow to increase
your profit, make your list explode, and form trust and a healthy relationship to your

One is putting a commercial or an advertisement into your page.  This is one of the best
way to bring some profit while giving your customer additional information about products
in your niche that can be an interest to where they live that may have otherwise passed
up.  The only thing that we could say about this is make sure that your information has
some sense and relation so that your list could be pick this up as both beneficial,
helpful, and worth it.

You could also promote products from other sites or users.  Since the list was built
through opt in marketing, nothing they receive will appear to be spam (as long as you
keep it relevant and the tone conversational of course). You could offer your subscriber
products from other sites that will be of interest to them.  However, make sure you
inform them of these offers in a friendly and a trustworthy way.

Another thing that you could do is to offer “how to” books or manuals.  These are so very
hot in any niche.  People are searching to make things easier, faster, and more
convenient.  Through selling ebooks and compilations of your articles or posts in a blog,
you can give your customers what they want.  And through giving this information away,
you can create a huge base subscriber.

You could also try to use affiliate links that are related to your products.  This is one
of the ways where you can offer products that you are affiliated with to your
subscribers.  Because you are sharing some links (which you trust) to them, they would
likely check on these offers, which can possibly lead more traffic to your product

Give your subscribers a chance to be your partner too.  In here, not only an increase
profit will happen.  This also creates a friendship. You can offer to sell your subscriber
’s products on your list in exchange for them doing the same. This will also bring you
both insane amounts of traffic and list-building potential if dealt with properly.  
Remember however, to always check out the quality of the person and the product you are
considering to partner with, as your name will now be associated too.

In conclusion, opt-in marketing will help you discover a huge income that you were
previously unaware of.  Having an opt-in list is the best way to market your products to
a huge number of people that shows an interest into what you are offering.  Since they
will receive commercial emails from you consistently, which are likely beneficial to
them, they would be now be your customers, which means that you just had made sales
happen…in an instant! (increase sales means increase income).  In addition, an opt in
list could get you more traffic and make your products known.  A product wouldn’t sell
if it is not known, and an opt-in list would take care of this issue because it is the
best way to advertise.

Don’t SPAM my Inbox – How To Lose All Your Subscribers

Jun 10, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Marketing  //  No Comments

spam 300x300 Dont SPAM my Inbox   How To Lose All Your SubscribersOne thing that feels very odd to me, is that situation where you open your inbox at the end of the day just to discover that it’s full of emails. Not that I don’t like receiving emails, I actually do. But I just hate when they all arrive from the same person.

I am telling you that because today I received nine email messages from the same person and it made me think if it’s some sort of a Marketing strategy or plain stupidity.

Email marketing is usually used to sending emails with the intention of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to boost customer loyalty and repeat business.

Do you believe that bombarding My Inbox with nine to ten email messages a day promoting affiliate products can actually help that particular “email marketing professional” enhance is relationship with me? The only thing that I’d like to do when I come into a situation like that, is to press the REPORT SPAM button so I can send this person’s upcoming messages to the Hades of the World Wide Web.

In case of plain stupidity there’s not much to do, but if this person considers himself a professional, it is essential for him to give a second thought of his harming habits, and change his online marketing strategy forever.

I’ll unquestionably be pushing that report spam button.

Exclusive Interview With Joint Venture & Giveaway Expert – Reed Floren

Jun 5, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Featured, List Building, Marketing  //  5 Comments

 Exclusive Interview With Joint Venture & Giveaway Expert   Reed Floren

Reed Floren is a “Mild-Mannered Young Minnesota Hotshot” according to The American Spectator Reed has been featured on the front page in numerous newspapers, magazines and in business books for his endeavors online.
Hi Reed

Thank you for this opportunity to interview you.

First of all, can you tell me please something about yourself?

I’ve been marketing online since 1999 when I was 13. Now I’m 23 and consider myself a semi-retired internet marketer. I am best known for my JV brokering skills but also make a nice living off my products, hosting giveaway events, and speaking internationally.

How and why did you get into to the giveaway world?

The first giveaway I worked on was with Henry Gold and I helped out behind the scenes we did an event that brought in around 50,000 subscribers in about a month. Almost a year later I did my first giveaway event to build my list and I went from 0 people on my list to over 3,500 in 7 days.

What exactly are giveaway events?

Giveaway events are websites hosted by one or more individuals who invite people with products of their own and lists to market to who will contribute a product to be given away in exchange for building their list. It’s a win/win for everyone involved since the members of the giveaway can download thousands of dollars worth of products for free.

How can I benefit from a giveaway event as an event owner?

As a giveaway event owner you benefit that most because you can build a list of thousands of members in a very short time frame. In fact I have a service where I will setup and host a giveaway event for you and I will take care of all of the work. You can check that out here: http://www.giveawaylistbuilding.com it’s a guaranteed way of adding thousands of subscribers to your list.

How does a contributor benefit from such event?

A contributor benefits by adding dozens or sometimes hundreds if not thousands of subscribers to their list for free just by putting a product of their own in the giveaway and promoting the giveaway event to their list.

Tell me about your most successful giveaway event?

My most successful one with a partner was the one that Henry Gold and I did my personal best I built a list of over 18,000 subscribers in a week while helping my girlfriend at the time move.

What can you tell me about how NOT to run giveaway event?

You need to have the right contributors on board and you need to make sure they contribute quality products. Also remind them to promote and consider having a contest.

Can you explain how to best make your giveaway a successful one?

Invite the right people, make sure they promote and give them a reason to promote hard such as a contest.

People say that your list should be made of buyers. When you do a giveaway, what is your approach to convert your freebie members into buyers?

I typically make around $1 per subscriber per month so let’s say you want to earn $10,000 a month build a list of 10,000 subscribers. To turn some of my freebie seekers into customers I will promote low price products and I will promote products that cost well over $1,000 because I know that there are people at all ranges of the spectrum.

Do you think that giveaways have become too saturated in the marketplace?

No they have not as long as you have a track record for success with these like I do you’ll be able to run these. I think it’s very hard for someone to get started running a giveaway if nobody knows who they are unless they have someone else who is “known” in the industry.

How do you make your giveaway stand out and attract attention?

I pay immediately which helps and I have a good relationship with many marketers who like to promote giveaway events.

Why Linking To Sites With a High Page Rank Values and Low Outgoing Links Will Greatly Boost Your Site’s Page Rank Value And Increase The Targeted Traffic To Your Site?

Jun 2, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Traffic  //  No Comments

Increasing the amount of targeted traffic to your website is essential to Profiting online, as you’ll increase the amount of subscribers, and with good follow-up, the amount of sales you’ll receive.

There are many free and paid advertising methods that can help you increase the targeted traffic that comes to your site. One effective and free advertising method is linking to other Prominent websites, specifically those with high PageRank ratings.

PageRank (PR) ratings are what Google uses to determine the importance of a website in relation to the rest of the Internet. Those sites that have higher Page Rank rankings are those sites that have more links to other prominent websites with high Page Rank rankings. Google sees these sites as more important and more prominent because they are connected to sites with similar content and similar Page Rank values. As a result, Google sees them as being more informative for their search engine users, and as a general result, places them higher in their search engine rankings.

Consequently, if you can get linked to high Page Rank websites, your Page Rank ranking will go up, which will only help you to gain more targeted traffic, since you’ll rank more highly in Google’s search engine rankings.

You can use various tools online to determine a site’s Page ranking; the higher the Page ranking, the better the site is considered by Google and the more you should try to link with it.

One note about Page Rank: If that high Page Rank site has many outgoing links on its home page, you won’t get as high of a Page Rank boost as you might think, so try to go for high Page Rank sites that don’t have that many outgoing links on its home page for the most beneficial Page Rank boost to your own Page Rank ranking.