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How to find these super affiliates – Part Two

Jul 16, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Affiliate Management  //  No Comments

To increase your online profits, you want to find as many of the “super,” or top-performing, affiliates as you can find.  However, without knowing where to look, finding a needle in a haystack may be easier.  Fortunately, there are some places online you can go to to increase your chances of finding and recruiting these top affiliates.

One place to find these super affiliates is to find newsletters, blogs, forums, and other such sites.  The owners of these sites are likely top-performing affiliates, as running such informative sites like newsletters and blogs show a level of dedication that goes above and beyond what most affiliates are either doing or willing to do.  In addition, running a newsletter, blog, or both can be a good way to promote products via free advertising, just by posting relevant information about that topic and then including a link to the product’s web page.

In addition, running a newsletter, blog, or forum can enable the owners of these sites to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry easily and for free.  That can give them a distinct advantage in knowing what products to promote and where to promote them, as well as having a reputation for running a specific site, which will likely encourage people to trust him/her and purchase the product offer he/she is recommending.

And this is just one place to find super affiliates for your affiliate sales force.

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