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How Can You Make Money From An Email list?

Nov 26, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Email Marketing, List Building, Marketing  //  1 Comment

Many people do not have the awareness that there are ways to make money through opt-in
list marketing that offers more than your products and services.  You can start making
things work out every minute that passes.  There are ways which you can follow to increase
your profit, make your list explode, and form trust and a healthy relationship to your

One is putting a commercial or an advertisement into your page.  This is one of the best
way to bring some profit while giving your customer additional information about products
in your niche that can be an interest to where they live that may have otherwise passed
up.  The only thing that we could say about this is make sure that your information has
some sense and relation so that your list could be pick this up as both beneficial,
helpful, and worth it.

You could also promote products from other sites or users.  Since the list was built
through opt in marketing, nothing they receive will appear to be spam (as long as you
keep it relevant and the tone conversational of course). You could offer your subscriber
products from other sites that will be of interest to them.  However, make sure you
inform them of these offers in a friendly and a trustworthy way.

Another thing that you could do is to offer “how to” books or manuals.  These are so very
hot in any niche.  People are searching to make things easier, faster, and more
convenient.  Through selling ebooks and compilations of your articles or posts in a blog,
you can give your customers what they want.  And through giving this information away,
you can create a huge base subscriber.

You could also try to use affiliate links that are related to your products.  This is one
of the ways where you can offer products that you are affiliated with to your
subscribers.  Because you are sharing some links (which you trust) to them, they would
likely check on these offers, which can possibly lead more traffic to your product

Give your subscribers a chance to be your partner too.  In here, not only an increase
profit will happen.  This also creates a friendship. You can offer to sell your subscriber
’s products on your list in exchange for them doing the same. This will also bring you
both insane amounts of traffic and list-building potential if dealt with properly.  
Remember however, to always check out the quality of the person and the product you are
considering to partner with, as your name will now be associated too.

In conclusion, opt-in marketing will help you discover a huge income that you were
previously unaware of.  Having an opt-in list is the best way to market your products to
a huge number of people that shows an interest into what you are offering.  Since they
will receive commercial emails from you consistently, which are likely beneficial to
them, they would be now be your customers, which means that you just had made sales
happen…in an instant! (increase sales means increase income).  In addition, an opt in
list could get you more traffic and make your products known.  A product wouldn’t sell
if it is not known, and an opt-in list would take care of this issue because it is the
best way to advertise.

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  • You personally develop a service that people are willing to pay for. All the people on your list are offered a chance to “subscribe” to your service. You could offer grocery store coupons online.

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