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How Can An Email List Benefit your Business?

Nov 25, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Email Marketing, Marketing  //  1 Comment

Online business marketing is a very important matter that businessmen need to know if
they want to make their business a successful one.  You may probably be producing a very
good quality product and is offering great after sales service but this is not enough to
get what you want, the profit that you are expecting.  The problem here is that you are
not getting your brand known to a number of people that could possibly be your customers
in the future.  Without proper business marketing, the number of your consumers will not
grow and will be limited.  If you want to become a successful businessman and make large
profits, the profits that you are expecting, and the profits that you deserve, then you
should have a strong “list”.

If you would ask any “business adviser” on the internet market, they will tell you that
making a list is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way for you to earn large
profits.  By having a list, you can promote and advertise your products with just a
click of the mouse and you can get sales as fast as an instant.  By having it, you will
realize that internet marketing is very powerful and very easy to take advantage of.

Building an opt-in list is one of the techniques one can use to fuel up the business
marketing.  The main idea here is creating a list which contains the names of people whom
you can send invitations to opt in so that they can receive free promotional materials
such as emails, newsletters, reports, and many more.

With a very strong opt in list, there are a lot of benefits and advantages you can get.
First, your marketing costs go down when you are emailing your promotional material to
different people that may become your consumers.  This makes sense because email does not
cost you any money.  Once you get your material ready, the same can be emailed to a huge
number of prospects, without the costs of making another copy for each member, and other
mailing costs.  These subscribers then, could possibly convert as buyers, will convert
to ad clicks, or will respond to email campaigns needing a reader response such as

By having an opt-in list, targeted customers are much easy to be dealt with.  The
improved conversions and response rates are a direct result of the fact that opt-in email
lists allow marketers to reach a highly targeted market which includes readers who might
be interested in the niche or industry all the way to a list so targeted that it only
includes previous clients or customers.

Having an opt-in list gives you a saving face.  Your reputation isn’t damage because you
have a list of opt-in subscribers which are the ones being sent with an email and these
emails are limited to these subscribers.  Thus, you are avoiding to be labeled as a
spammer.  In addition, if you provide quality information with your commercial message,
you are providing the readers benefits because these information may have a value to

Having an opt-in email list protects a businessman in paying sums of money just because
of every unsolicited commercial email sent.  By having the opt-in list, a businessman
can prove that they have the permission and notice that they could send commercial emails
to their subscribers.  It happens that sometimes, subscribers forget that they opted
into an email marketing list and report messages as spam.  But because of opt-in list, a
businessman or a company could prove that they didn’t violated anything and have god

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