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From Teleseminar to Transaction

May 26, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Teleseminars  //  1 Comment

teleseminars 300x299 From Teleseminar to Transaction Your teleseminar is just one step in the path to selling your product, but it is a giant step. An effective teleseminar can either make or break the sales of a product, as well as the potential income of the person selling the product. There are a few key areas to focus on in order to take your great idea from teleseminar to transaction.

First, you must have the right marketing in place. There are many ways that you can spread the word about your teleseminar, but the biggest thing is that you have to get the word into the hands of the right people. Who are these right people you might ask? It doesn’t always have to be the end user of the product although many times it is. A key target to market to is those who will help spread the word.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of marketing out there. Think about how many times you went and saw a movie just because one of your friends said it was good. While many people make sure to market to the people who would use the product, don’t leave the people out who will help you by running their mouth about your product.

After your marketing is done, the atmosphere must be set. Realize that there are going to be experts and novices at your teleseminar. The trick is to make your teleseminar feel informative for everyone without making some feel talked down to or others just talked at. Your atmosphere will have a lot to do with how well your product sells after your teleseminar. If the atmosphere was right, everyone will be on board with the excitement and your product will roll like it was the first wheel invented.

Once you have gotten through the bulk of your teleseminar, marketed to the right people and created the perfect atmosphere, unlike the job everyone just got out of, you must answer some questions and promote your product. This can be done by a direct promote, or using the questions and answers to redirect back to the topic of the product.

Finally, after you have done everything you can to make your teleseminar effective, you can’t forget to make it super simple for people to actually purchase the item. Give them different options to check out and let them know if there are any special promotions. By making their checkout simple and offering them special deals for being at the teleseminar, you can guarantee that the excitement levels will be high and that you just turned your product from teleseminar to transaction.

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