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Don’t SPAM my Inbox – How To Lose All Your Subscribers

Jun 10, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Marketing  //  No Comments

spam 300x300 Dont SPAM my Inbox   How To Lose All Your SubscribersOne thing that feels very odd to me, is that situation where you open your inbox at the end of the day just to discover that it’s full of emails. Not that I don’t like receiving emails, I actually do. But I just hate when they all arrive from the same person.

I am telling you that because today I received nine email messages from the same person and it made me think if it’s some sort of a Marketing strategy or plain stupidity.

Email marketing is usually used to sending emails with the intention of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to boost customer loyalty and repeat business.

Do you believe that bombarding My Inbox with nine to ten email messages a day promoting affiliate products can actually help that particular “email marketing professional” enhance is relationship with me? The only thing that I’d like to do when I come into a situation like that, is to press the REPORT SPAM button so I can send this person’s upcoming messages to the Hades of the World Wide Web.

In case of plain stupidity there’s not much to do, but if this person considers himself a professional, it is essential for him to give a second thought of his harming habits, and change his online marketing strategy forever.

I’ll unquestionably be pushing that report spam button.

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