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10 Ways to Use a Teleseminar to Increase Your Profits

Apr 30, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Featured, Teleseminars  //  No Comments

Teleseminars are all about providing value to the participants along with making money for the person running theteleseminar. Here are 10 ways to use a teleseminar to increase your profits:

• Sell the digital audio recording or transcript of the teleseminar as a downloadable file.

• Sell the physical audio recording or transcript of the teleseminar as a physical product mailed on a CD to the buyer.

• Sell the teleseminar as a series – combine several related teleseminars into a package and sell them as a series.

• Sell the series individually – take the series and make them available on an individual basis.

• Affiliate promotions – connect your seminar to an affiliate website so you can make money through commissions as well.

• $1 Trial Offers – with this method, you let people sample your seminars from a monthly service for $1 for the first week. If they decide to join your service, they can receive a new teleseminar from an automatic monthly membership at a set fee, as long as they wish, until they cancel the account.

• Make an e-book based on how you did your seminars and sell the e-book online.

• Make your e-book available at a discount to people who have taken your seminars.

• Sell the seminar and transcript to those attending your seminars at a reduced rate. You still make great profit at half price and they feel they are getting a great deal.

• In addition to your teleseminars in your chosen niche, you can create one, using your own experience, as a way to teach other people how to give a teleseminar. Include a written transcript with the audio recording.

By making your information available as a download, you are able to promote your teleseminar to the people who can make the call as well as those who would prefer to read the information later.

Discover the cure to time wasting!

Apr 29, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Featured, Time Management  //  1 Comment

Two weeks ago I was thinking about the time I waste during my day, and I realized that 24 hours a day is a very small time frame to do everything you need for your business.

What I urgently needed was a solid solution that will help me manage my day better. Something that would help me achieve my daily goals, and enable me to do much more in much less time.

I checked a couple of forum threads out there, and read some reviews. I made a list of tools I found, and I checked them all.

After my research done I came up with one that looked good, and decided I am going to buy it.

Therefore, I bought it, and well..

I am so happy that I did it, it made my days full of productive activities and Shortened my time spending during my working hours.main screen v2b 300x253 Discover the cure to time wasting!

It’s called:

The Action Machine

and well… it does what it supposed to do, it helps in taking action.

This software allows you to make very specific tasks and to set a time for accomplishing each of them. you’ll be alerted by the program when the time is up for completing any task you are working on.

It organizes every task in the order that they are supposed to be completed, allowing you to have a visual overview and have a better feeling of control over your time.

If you are anything like me, and have trouble focusing…. you should discover the cure to time wasting.

Improve your ability to take action:
The Action Machine
I hope it will help you as much it helped me.