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10 Ways to Use a Teleseminar to Increase Your Profits

Apr 30, 2009   //   by Shlomi   //   Featured, Teleseminars  //  No Comments

Teleseminars are all about providing value to the participants along with making money for the person running theteleseminar. Here are 10 ways to use a teleseminar to increase your profits:

• Sell the digital audio recording or transcript of the teleseminar as a downloadable file.

• Sell the physical audio recording or transcript of the teleseminar as a physical product mailed on a CD to the buyer.

• Sell the teleseminar as a series – combine several related teleseminars into a package and sell them as a series.

• Sell the series individually – take the series and make them available on an individual basis.

• Affiliate promotions – connect your seminar to an affiliate website so you can make money through commissions as well.

• $1 Trial Offers – with this method, you let people sample your seminars from a monthly service for $1 for the first week. If they decide to join your service, they can receive a new teleseminar from an automatic monthly membership at a set fee, as long as they wish, until they cancel the account.

• Make an e-book based on how you did your seminars and sell the e-book online.

• Make your e-book available at a discount to people who have taken your seminars.

• Sell the seminar and transcript to those attending your seminars at a reduced rate. You still make great profit at half price and they feel they are getting a great deal.

• In addition to your teleseminars in your chosen niche, you can create one, using your own experience, as a way to teach other people how to give a teleseminar. Include a written transcript with the audio recording.

By making your information available as a download, you are able to promote your teleseminar to the people who can make the call as well as those who would prefer to read the information later.

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